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20 Things I wish I was taught in school

1. How to not drunk text

2. How to deal with a drunk text

3. How to make lots of money with minimal effort

4. Self-love

5. How to deal with loss

6. How to handle black tax

7. How to let go

8. How to decipher the lyrics of trap music

9. How a man actively standing trial for rape can become president of a country

10. How a man who talks about grabbing women by the pussy can become president of a country

11. How to deal with anti-millennialsm

12. How to find missing planes

13. How to speed rap

14. How to make cannabis flavoured/infused consumer products

15. How to respond when someone says I love you, when I don’t feel the same

16. How to discern the truth within a conspiracy theory

17. How to perform illusionist tricks

18. How to respectfully tell a superior that their idea is silly and mine is better

19. How to deal with the overwhelming choice on UberEats

20. How to drift

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