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Office flirtation: Do’s and Don’ts

1. Definitely do

2. Keep it light and funny for all. There is a thin line between quirky and creepy – you want to be quirky not creepy

3. Location, location, location – as in real estate, office flirtation is all about the right time and place

4. You can look, do not stare, you can compliment but you can’t touch, grope or objectify. Harmless flirtation is very different from sexual harassment! Do not go harassing people in the name of harmless flirtation

5. When asked to stop, do so immediately and apologize profusely for causing any discomfort

6. Puns, ambiguity and wit are your best friends – use them endlessly…unless you are flirting with someone who takes things literally, in which case stop immediately cause you won’t be able to keep it light and funny for all, thus running the risk of coming across as creepy not quirky

7. Say something without saying something – read between the lines flirtation is a timeless classic

8. Don’t forget you are here to work, not flirt

9. Have very clear boundaries and lines, you don’t want a little harmless flirtation causing you trouble at work or home. If you suck at this, just leave the flirting to the pros and stay focused on your excel spreadsheet.

10. I reiterate that you must keep it light and funny for all, a good harmless flirt is light and funny enough for all to enjoy

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