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Economic Warrior - Poem By Mo Malele

This poem is my love letter to all entrepreneurs, hustlers and small business owners, braving a harsh economy like warriors #economicwariors. These words were inspired by all their stories, experiences and journeys, all of which continue to motivate me in my entrepreneurial adventure. Got nothing but love for you all. Enjoy!


Chaos creates opportunity

For those who can see with impunity

The ones who can hear past the noise

And see through the toys

The ones who carry the economy in their hearts

And wear it on their sleeves

They bleed so the rest of us can eat

Not ruled by greed

Because they understand that we all lose if they cheat

They stand at the forefront of the fire

And bare the brunt of the heat

They don’t crowdsource their self esteem through tweets

Instead they plant seeds

And know they’ll never fully reap what they sow

But the trees will grow

The wind will blow

And change will show

This is for you…yes you

The economic warrior

Stone cold soldier

Tenacious small business owner

Economic organ donor

Who walk on water even when you are of little faith

They power through pain

Push through the rain

Go against the grain

Break through chains

Work through strain

Never cower, faint or fade

They take pride in what they have made

The sacrifices laid

And lives that they have changed

They talk when their voices are shaking

They walk when blinded by the unknown

They act when paralyzed by the instability

They bet on themselves even when the odds are against them

Put their best foot forward despite the rejection

They work through loss and grief even if they spent the night crying themselves to sleep

They listen to things unsaid

Read a room like reading a book

Cause they check for a pulse first

They hear before they are heard

Feel before they are felt

Care for before they are cared for

They carry the weight of the world on their shoulders so we don’t have to

This is for you…yes you

The magic makers

Path creators

Seers in the dark

The risk takers



Future demonstrators

Vision generators

The builder of something from nothing

The finder of beauty in ugly

And diamonds in the rough

The job producers

Livelihood givers

And food on the table putters


Nelson Mandela spent 27 years of his prime in one place but was still walking to freedom

Which is to say, real progress is not always physical but sometimes spiritual

Remember that you are stronger than you think

That your shoulders are broader

Your stride is longer

And your voice louder than you think

So you can handle whatever life throughs at you

Remember that the world needs you

That you are at the centre of all the answers

To the questions the world has

And as lonely as it feels or gets you are never alone

There is an army of soldiers

A legion of warriors

A pride of lions

A gaggle of geese

A soar of eagles

A family of lovers

A gang of motivators, investors and supporters

Rooting and cheering you on every step of the way

So keep on keeping on

Because in you lies a passion that

Can ignite the world

A power that can unite it

And a purpose that can change it.

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