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The LOVE chronicles

I have wanted to do this for a while now but doubt masquerading as procrastination had me firmly rooted on the edge too afraid to leap. However recent events in my life have inspired me to take a leap because nothing ventured, nothing gained! I am working on a poetry project that specifically focuses on LOVE – of all kinds, shapes, sizes, colours, textures etc etc. I would love to chronicle your love stories through poetry, so if you are interested in having me write you and your loved ones a love poem, get in contact with me. To be clear, the offer is open to all those who LOVE and are LOVED - so it doesn’t have to be for a romantic interest (spouse, partner etc), it can be for a close friend, colleague or family member. The idea is to create a love poem out of your already poetic love story. So, feel free to DM me if the offer appeals to you.😍 #Poetry #SpokenWord #Love

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