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Forgive me 1st love

Forgive me first love

For the first time I saw you

I felt like a dove had befallen before you

From across the railway our eyes locked

Hearts linked

Everything, everyone disappeared into a blink

With one look your mind I blocked

My heart you locked

The moment, second we shared lasted longer

Than anytime on any clock

Longer than any amount of any stock

And hit deeper, harder, faster longer

Than any kind of any shock

One could never imagine

The type of spasm

I felt when I looked

Into his loosely, luscious, lustful eyes

So sparkly brown

That I began to drown

In the juices of love

Shared by two strangers

who met like game rangers

in the chaos of life

and as I could hear myself breathe

I realised that it synchronized

With his heart beat

As our eyes were jammed together

Piercing a hole through our soul

Only to be filled by one another

So forgive me first love

For I would rather engrave what we shared that day

Than risk paving a pathway just full of pain

Forgive me first love

If time I could freeze

I would bring back that breeze of love

It kept us floating like a dove, across the railway

Forgive me first love

For I have frozen

And chosen

To hold onto the ignorant, illusion

Of the classically timeless love that we shared

For I could not have beard

To see you un-cared

Or happily in-paired

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