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In our silence

Silence, is the loudest kind of noise

The worst of lies

The hardest of truths

What you gonna do when they come for you

Rest assured they will

Even if insured you’re still

Hunted by those who kill

Just for the thrill

Until they have managed to distill your beauty

And instill their hatred

Don’t underestimate these motherfuckers

Their like vampires

They’ll sneak up on you

Colonize, revolutionize, demonize

Oppress, suppress, depress, regress

Confuse, then refuse you

Shove wasabi up your nostrils

Smear your screams of agony on their skin

Like crackers and Bovril

Stick their fingers so far up your ass…poke and prod of

Fuck you 5 ways to Sunday

Tell you someday, you’ll understand

Someway, you’ll leave this land

This swordplay is their forte

If they don’t know it…they must kill it

Cause God forbid we embrace they beauty of the unknown

So they need to hate you

Because for as long as they despise you

They don’t have to look themselves in the mirror

So it’s easier to pull the trigger on you

Silence is the loudest kind of noise

The voices of silence speak volumes

Like Subwoofers booming

What you gonna do when they come for you

And they will

Cause like vampires they need to kill

And contrary to popular curricular

There is no honour amongst thieves

I need you to believe this

That yes ignorance is bliss

But only until it’s you they want to kill

When their ignorance

Turns into indifference

About you…and your silence turns on you

It’s awfully cruel

See we live in a world of hate

Filled with distaste

Innately arcane

Like a rapist and a rape victim in an arcade

And you never know who will be next on society’s hit list

Yesterday it was the “blacks”

Cause they lacked the superior white wax

Day before that it was HIV/AIDS

Where we went to war not with the disease

But with its victims

Turned them into criminals

Day before that we roared against homosexuality

And homosexuals became the enemy

Before that we warred for religion

Where freedom of choice excluded religious voice

Before that we turned our backs to the woman of this world

Treated those that give life…as worthless

Before that we locked up albinos

Before that we ignored disabled peoples

And now we put rape victims on trial

Like they are the ones who committed the crime

Make them do the time

Can you not see that it is in our silence

That people are killed over religious tensions

In our silence that woman can’t find the peace that comes with equality

In our silence the disabled are denied opportunities

In our silence HIV becomes AIDS

Albinos are killed like animals

In our silence

The LBGT community remains ostracized

Separately identified from society

And “blacks” still have not been given the right kind

Of truth, reconciliation or commission

The kind that comes with economic emancipation

Not just political democratization

Through our silence liberation

Is now an ideology

An abstract idea like theology

See there’s a pattern, someone on the offense

Another on the defense

They attack

The others retract

Because we can’t stomach the fact that it is our differences that keep us alive

Keep the world turning

The sun rising

The moon setting

It seems like every season

For some or other reason

We find a new minority

To inflict our patriotic, self righteous, hypocritical treason…upon

And so up on that classist neighbourhood

Where your trust fund blinds you from the truth

So if the world is 1 country

And globalization is the God you believe in

Then we are living in a constant state of civil war, genocide, famine,

Crimes against humanity

And crimes against our sanity

In your elitist mindset

You miss the content

Of this earth

So focused on the context of the world you live in

Not bothering about the people struggling

I am perplexed at how complex

You think this universe is

If you read the text

Study the subtext

And pay attention to the pretext

As convex as it appears to be

You could be next on histories societies’ hit list

So who is next…clearly history is not fixed

These social catalysts

Might just decide that your life is worthless

That your lifestyle is not worth existence

And there will be no resistance

Cause in your silence this shit happens

These unspeakable crimes

Unapproachable lines

These dishonest lies

Disrespected thighs

Unheard cries

Limited skies

And so the victim dies

Deprived of justice

Baptized by injustice

So who is next, in this world that so clearly thrives on death

Are the communists going to kill off the capitalists

Then capitalize on their death…their lack of existence

So if you are a passive capitalist you better go on the defensive

If you are an aggressive capitalist you better go the offensive…kill them first

Either way, one way or another

You might be next

Are the people with good hair going to start killing off those with bad hair

Cause bad hair is a sign of some new incurable disease

Who is next…you might be next

Are tall people going to start walking all over short people

Literally stomping them to death

Or are short people going to hit from the bottom

Underdog style….upper cuts on the high

Until tall, tallists, tallism, long, longists, longism, longitude

No longer exist

Who is next…you might be next

Are single people going to kill the married people…or vice versa

Hell, is versa going to kill vice

So it no longer is vice versa but versa vice!

We are a society that thrives on death

Wants to kill cause if not you will be killed

Wants to eat cause if not you will be eaten

We raise our kids on this shit

“kill or be killed”

“eat or be eaten”

We raise kids that become teens who believe this shit

Adults who practice this shit

And leaders who make laws of this shit

And it’s in our silence

That those who don’t want to kill are killed

Those that don’t want to eat are eaten

Through our silence

And lack of action

Evil triumphs

Revolutions are dying

Creationists and evolutionist are lying

No one is realizing that this world will come to an end incomplete

Like you favourite series discontinued in the middle of the season

This world will end without reason

And we will stand liable to our treason

In our silence all of this happens

So I challenge you to raise your voices, noises

Pens, pencils, papers, books, e-mails, fingers, hands, arms,

Walk, run, swim, crawl, speak, bleed, breath, beat, read,

Wave, jump, scream, shout,

Put up banners, strike, march, write,

Employ the jobless, feed the hungry

House the homeless, give money to the poor

Heal the sick, give sight to the blind,

Sound to the deaf, life to the dead

Hope to the hopeless

Effect change, innovate, invent, revolutionize,

Raise the mirror up to society, raise the bar of society

Stop the killings, let children play

Pray, speak to God,

Do any and every something in your power…raise revolutions

Stand taller and stronger than the twin towers

Refuse to me demolished like the twin towers

Find that cause that is worth giving all for

Worth laying your life and dying for

Once you have found it, separately identified it

Do all in your power to live for it

So you can fight for it

Remain silent no more

Cause one day you will wake up in the morning

Open the door only to find that your worst nightmare has come true

This time they have come for you

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